Lehigh Aerial Swarms Club (LASC)

Our vision for the club is to create a self-sustainable and inclusive community that welcomes everyone interested in learning and collaborating in aerial robotics. This initiative provides a valuable opportunity for me to engage closely with students, offering them a forum to share their goals and perspectives. The club is more than just a place for learning; it's a collaborative space where students actively participate in competitions, engage in bi-annual travel for events, and learn to manage technological resources.

Student involment

We have been working on developing an educational environment that allows undergraduate and graduate students to learn algorithms and theoretical robotics through hands-on experience. This involves creating a dynamic learning community.
Students get engaged through algorithms and robotics courses, joining our robotics club, or joining our summer programs through the NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU), Mountaintop Summer Experience (MTSE), and Swarms Lab Research programs.

During the academic semesters, students can participate in the club activities, and the related academic courses: CSE360 Mobile Robotics, CSE398 Advanced Aerial Robotics, CSE398 Robot Swarms, and Independent Studies.

Robotics Competitions

Our club participates in the National Research Robotics Competition, Defend the Republic (DTR).
DTR is a force-on-force competition involving two teams, each deploying autonomous Lighter Than Air (LTA) vehicles. The objective is to capture and score helium balloons in the opponent’s goals. The challenge of the game lies in designing and controlling autonomous robot swarms that operate in difficult environments, constrained by limited sensing, actuation, and computation capabilities.

DTR event 6 lehigh


Club President: Karen Li kkl224@lehigh.edu
Vice President: Hanqing Qi haq225@lehigh.edu