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Defend the Republic Spring 2024 – Lehigh Swarms won the MVP of DTR Event 8 among 10 universities

Lehigh Swarm Team and Robots

During the competition, Swarmslab presented Mochi 3.0 — the swarm-ready miniature blimp that is capable of fully autonomous capturing and scoring collaboratively, and scored the most points in a match.

Defend the Republic Fall 2023 – the blimp competition at Lehigh, organized by SwarmsLab!

SwarmsLab is honored to have the chance to host DTR this fall, competing against 7 other universities at our homefield, the mountaintop campus of Lehigh University.

Defend the Republic – a quidditch-like competition involving blimps

DTR event 6 lehigh

The team of Lehigh, featuring David Sladaña, Liz Muñoz, Karen Li, Edward Jeffs, Leonardo Santens, Shuhang Hou, Jiawei Xu, and Diego S. D’Antonio. Our team was able to  qualify prior to all other teams, and won the third place on our second-time appearance!


One day of talks, posters, and demos at the Autonomous and Intelligent Robotics Laboratory -AIRLab-, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA.

During the event, we had five presentations from top researchers in robotics, presenting their perspective and ideas in this area. The agenda can be found here. Click here for the media archive.

Resolve – Spring 2021

The Sicence ot Autonomy: In Building C on Lehigh’s Mountaintop Campus, a new facility has taken shape. With a high ceiling and transparent glass walls, it’s a hive of sorts, enclosed partly as a way to dampen the whir, hum, and drone of robots operating both on the ground and in the air. Welcome to …. Read more


– “Defend the Republic” competition Event 8, Spring 2024 Lehigh highlights

– “Defend the Republic” competition, covered by Lehigh Media

– Presentation of newly accepted paper in IROS 2023, Detroit

– Accepted papers to present in ICRA 2023, London

Forming and Controlling Hitches in Midair Using Aerial Robots by Diego S. D’Antonio, Subhrajit Bhattacharya, and David Saldaña

Lehigh Engineering: Using robots to help people

– Penn Today: GRASP Lab’s high-flying robots.

– ModQuad in ACM Communications: Saving lives with aerial drones.

– ModQuad in Discovery Channel Canada: Our reseach team presents some experiments in Daily Planet TV Show.

We work with robots, lots of robots.

Modular robots possess massive amount of potential interacting with the environment. We aim at exploring the ways to coordinate swarms of such robots to deal with realistic and practical tasks.